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Justin Jones for TN52 is a grassroots campaign fighting for working people in our community.

Justin Jones speaking.

Our communities are working longer hours for lower wages while corporations make record profits and executives collect million-dollar bonuses. Our city has become a playground for the wealthy few while a vast majority of us struggle to pay rent, buy groceries, and afford basic healthcare.

We are challenging a political system that has catered to corporate interests for decades. We believe that healthcare is a human right. We believe that young people should not have to live their entire lives under the burden of student loan debt. We believe that all should feel safe and welcome in our country and our communities. We believe that we must end mass incarceration and end for-profit prisons. We believe that environmental justice is a defining fight of our generation and it must be led by the communities who suffer most from our continued inaction—black, brown, indigenous, and working class.

Our country needs a political revolution. We need new leaders who have the courage to step up and join the conversation to reimagine entire systems.

Justin Jones speaking.
Justin Jones speaking.
Justin Jones speaking.

If we want the kind of change that we are proposing—protecting our democracy, ensuring high quality public education, fighting for environmental justice and immigration rights, providing healthcare for all people in our state—we need a movement. This is about the courage to reimagine our state, build a just society and fight for a livable planet for ourselves and our children. This moment demands a new generation of leaders ready to fight for what matters in the People’s House.

Justin Jones is an activist, organizer, legislator, representative, minister, community leader, environmentalist, and gun violence prevention advocate deeply committed to doing the justice work required to move Tennessee and our nation forward.

Justin was elected in 2022 to represent the people of District 52, a culmination of years of advocacy work around Medicaid expansion, racial justice, police accountability, and the Green New Deal. Justin is a tireless fighter for Black liberation and is deeply embedded in a tradition of resistance that comes from his familial and movement ancestors who ground and guide his work. Justin was expelled from the Tennessee legislature, daring to put purpose before title, and bringing a moral conscience to the deliberative process which puts the lives of kids against the proliferation of firearms.

Justin is a leader for the next generation and the next several to come, and brings past, present, and future into the halls of power with him. Justin is a relentless fighter for our collective freedom and an apologetic voice for a south that will rise anew.

Justin Jones speaking.


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Justin Jones.

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